Workman knocked down and killed; driver on the loose

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A man is dead – the victim of a hit and run incident – a driver remains on the loose, and Orange Walk police have little to go on to make an arrest.

The victim, Jose Rigoberto Tzul, 26, a worker of August Pine Ridge village, Orange Walk, was discovered lying dead, face up in a ditch, three feet off the San Antonio Road. Investigators suspect the incident occurred several hours prior to the discovery, since the corpse had already showed signs of rigor mortis.

Officer commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation, Inspector Selvyn Tillett, told The Reporter on Tuesday that, based on police observations, Tzul suffered massive injuries to his face and had a broken left ankle. He said the stretch of road where Tzul’s body was discovered is an isolated area, far from any residential community.

The search for the driver responsible for Tzul’s death is made difficult because there were no eyewitnesses nor evidence left at the scene, to indicate the type of vehicle that struck him. Police are continuing to investigate.

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