Wedding crasher is charged with wounding a woman

By Anita Nembhard/Flowers
Freelance Reporter

A fight broke out at wedding held at the YWCA on November 18th and an alleged wedding crasher currently faces a number of wounding charges, after getting into a fight with a woman.

After a night on lock down at the police station, 26-year-old Lennox Burgess, a Belizean assistant operator of Scotland Half-moon Village appeared before Senior Magistrate Ford on Monday, November 21st, in court 2 to answer to a single charge of wounding.
Allegations are that on November 18, 2017, while her cousin’s wedding, 37-year-Ingrid Rosa was kicked twice in her stomach by the defendant, 26-year-old Lennox Burgess.

Burgess appeared unrepresented at court, where he was read a single charge of wounding. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and told Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford that he was only trying to part a fight and did not kick anyone. According to Burgess, he does not even know Rosa.
But Rosa claimed a different version of that story. She reported to authorities that on the said night, a young lady in a floral dress approached her at the wedding and asked the whereabouts of her sister. Rosa pointed her out and saw both women leave together. She later checked on her sibling and found two females beating her. She then pulled her sister outside. That is when she was attacked by a tall, dark skinned male wearing a black, striped, checkered shirt and a black jeans pants. This person kicked her in her stomach causing her much pain. At this point, she dropped to the ground and he kicked her once more in the stomach. She fell again and sustained abrasions on her leg.

Since there was no objection to bail, Senior Magistrate Ford granted it in the sum of $2,000 plus one surety of the same.
Burgess met bail but immediately found himself detained again, as an additional charge of harm was levied against him.
Burgess is due in court again on January 17, 2018.

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