“Wally” Williams’ murder believed to be gang-related

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Allison Oswald “Wally” Williams, 28, a contractor with Cisco Construction, had just left his house at 3832 Rivero Street Extension on Friday night to visit a lady friend on Partridge Street Extension, when his killer snuck up on him and shot him in what appears to be a gangland slaying.

Williams, according to his wife, Doris, was already in for the night, but he got up and left home shortly before 9:00 p.m., after he received a phone call. He left saying he was going to see a friend and return home so they could go to the Princess Casino. 

Williams called Doris at 9:35 p.m. , saying he was about to leave his friend and return home, but three minutes later, at 9:38 p.m., a woman used his cell phone to call Doris to break the bad news that someone had just shot her husband.  
Doris Williams told the Reporter that since they met in 2012, “Wally”, as he was more popularly known, had made a conscious effort to change his life and to devote his time to his family.

He had four children by a previous relationship and shared three stepdaughters with Doris.  She said that Williams was hired as a contractor with Cisco Construction Company on the Infrastructure Project and hired the youths from the communities with which he was familiar, Caesar Ridge and Kraal Road,to carry out the work.  

However, two months ago, someone broke the windshield and windows on Williams’ car, afterwhich he began receiving threats on his life. 
Around the same time, someone drove past their home in a vehicle and sprayed it with bullets.  He confided to Doris that someone wanted to kill him, but he never revealed who that person was. 

Doris said she learned that her husband had been visiting the area where he was killed for about three weeks prior to his death. 
She believes that he was lured to the place because of the phone call he received before he left home that night.

The gunman, reports say, got out of a black vehicle, walked toward Williams, who was leaning over his car talking to a lady friend, and fired a number of shots at close range.
The gunman then walked back towards the waiting car, got in, and disappeared. 
Williams died on the spot. 
Police are following a few leads, but have not determined the motive for the killing and have no suspects.

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