Victim shot in March dies in May at KHMH

After showing positive signs of recovery, Jamil “Cash” Richardson, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds  on Holy Thursday and was left paralyzed, passed away at the KHMH on Sunday.

Belize City Police have not made any arrest for the shooting. Richardson’s death means that  police have another unsolved murder investigation to pursue.

City Police had  detained a suspect, but he was released without being charged for the wounding of the two men who were  shot around 11:45 p.m. on March 28.

The thirty-five year-old Richardson, a resident of Partridge Street Extension, was conversing with friends, when a gunman, described as dark complexioned, approached them from the direction of a tire shop and opened  fire, hitting Richardson and another man, Dennis Mollins, 25,  of Jane Usher Boulevard.

Richardson was shot in the back and in both ankles. Mullins was shot to his left leg.

Richardson’s sister, Tanisha Chavez, 27, told The Reporter on Wednesday that her family is devastated by the loss and wants justice for her brother’s homicide.

Asked what she had learned about the shooting incident, Chavez said that her brother was at a neighbour’s house hanging-out with friends, to bring in Good Friday, when a group of rival young men came on the scene.

One of them opened fire on Richardson’s group.

Chavez said, “I don’t know who they were looking for to shoot or kill. But they ended up shooting him, exactly where his spine is, and that made him paralyzed.”

According to his sister, Richardson told his family to give him six months and he will get up and walk again.

“That was his belief. And that was our belief too. It made him happy and it made us happy,” Chavez said.

But on Saturday, Richardson, whose body was beginning to be racked by pain was transported to the KHMH.

“He told his common-law wife ‘this is it, babes! I’m tired of the pains. I don’t have the strength to take the pain no more,” Chavez explained.

On Sunday morning, shortly after 10,  Chavez stopped responding. His system  began to shut down.

“His veins were too collapsed to transport the blood in his system and the drip that the doctors were attempting to give him was rejected,” Chavez said.

Jamil “Cash” Richardson leaves behind three children, an 8 year-old daughter and two sons 3 and 4 respectively.

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