US Coast Guard officer stabbed in San Pedro

By Ingrid Fernandez
Staff Reporter

San Pedro police are investigating an assault on a US Coast Guard officer who was stabbed twice in San Pedro last week Friday morning while on vacation.

According to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Henry Jemmott, who heads the Police Department’s Coastal Executive Unit, Jennifer Smith, 23, who had been in Belize on vacation for two to three days, was walking on the beach from downtown San Pedro on Friday morning, when she was stabbed.

A young hispanic man with low haircut, and of medium build, approached her and asked her for $20. She refused and walked away. But the man grabbed her from behind and stabbed her behind the head. A young man in the area saw the attack and came to Smith’s aid but the knifeman escaped.

Smith was taken to the Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic which airlifted her to the Belize Medical Associates, where police took a statement from her. Shortly after this, she was flown to Texas, USA, in a critical condition, for further medical treatment.

No statement has been taken yet from the witness that came to Smith’s aid. According to Jemmott, police combed the area but found no leads, and the investigation has provided no further information.

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