“Unlimited” not untouchable Police arrest deemed police brutality

By Anita Nembhard
Freelance Reporter

Bernard Cayetano, aka “Unlimited”, was arraigned this week in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court after he was arrested by police. Cayetano claims the charges are baseless, then accused police of brutality.

A house search by police, reportedly turned south for a recording artist, when the home of Kenneth Flowers, aka “Big Tom” in the Saint Martin de Porres area became the scene of alledged police brutality.

At the arraignment, Cayetano could barely walk, as he held his lower abdomen and limped into court. Unable to stand straight, Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser proceeded to read Cayetano three charges, one count of ‘resisting arrest’, one count of ‘assaulting a police officer’ and one count of ‘obstruction of law.’

The police allege that on Tuesday, October 24, Cayetano resisted the arrest by PC Bernel Valdez and assaulted the officer. The report continued to state that Cayetano stopped Valdez from executing a search.
In court, Cayetano pleaded not guilty to all charges.
He then asked Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser for time to explain his situation and she conceded.

In court, Cayetano explained to Magistrate Fraser that he that went to the location to pick up clothes from his room, referring to the room of his manager, Kenneth Flowers. Once inside, a number of officers stormed into the room with guns in hand. He stopped as the officer ordered him to put his hands behind his head. “I did as was told,” said Cayetano.

At that point, Cayetano claims an officer handcuffed him from behind and stomped him to the ground. While there, he claims police oficers beat him, including Officer Valdez, the officer whom the Department claims he assaulted.
Cayetano further told the court that the officers stood on his belly and kicked him several times until he spat blood. They then pulled his shirt over his head and began to beat him on the face. They also pepper-sprayed him and forced him to breathe it in, he said.

After the beating, Cayetano told the Chief Magistrate that the officers told him, “Don’t cry, wipe your tears and come out of the room.” After he exited the room and saw people outside, he began making noise so that the bystanders would know they were assaulting him.
In his defense, Cayetano told Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser that he saw no need to obstruct or resist arrest, as he was the only civilian in the room in the presence of armed police.

Cayetano further noted that the officers were intent on finding another artist and were questioning him about a Facebook page. He denied any association with the page and making any threats to the police.

In the end, the Court’s Prosecutor, Inspector Egbert Castillo did not object to bail and Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser offered it in the sum of $1,000 plus one surety of the same amount.

Cayetano was able to meet bail by 4:00 the evening and while he refrained from giving an on camera interview, he made it no secret that he was still in a lot of pain after his ordeal.

His mother Jenevieve Cayetano, who was present at the arraignment said they would seek legal advice. She said that when she heard her son was in police custody, she had to force the police to produce her son who could not be found at the stations initially.

She told us that it was not until she told them she was going to the media that she was able to find her son at the Racoon Street police station. Since then she has lodged a complaint at the Professional Standards Branch of the Police Department. After she saw the condition of her son, she immediately took him to the hospital to receive medical attention.

Bernard Cayetano is due back in court on January 13, 2018.
Cayetano is most known for his role in recent television ads produced by BTL, as a Digicell user.

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