UB Student receives fatal stab wound while intervening to stop a fight

Norval Belisle, Jr., 21, a second year student at the University of Belize, and a resident of Flowers Street in Belmopan, was fatally  stabbed  on  Friday night near the La Cabaña Club, just outside Belmopan on the Hummingbird Highway.

He  was reportedly trying to stop  a fight which had erupted  between his friends and a group of men on the street outside the  club

The person charged with the crime  is a 24-year-old village man known as “Cat” of Camalote ,  who is Norval’s distant cousin. He allegedly   broke a beer bottle and stabbed Corval in the throat.              .

Corval Belisle left  home on Friday night saying that he was going with a friend to work on a project. On the way, the two friends made a stop-over near the club.

The owner of the establishment, Miguel Menjivar, has said  that contrary to reports,  Norval  and his friends never entered the club.   .

He pointed to the victim’s blood on the street around the corner from the club where the stabbing occurred.

Belisle’s father, retired police officer, Norval Belisle, Sr., has said that Norval Jr., the youngest of his children, and his only son, had ambitions to become a landscaping entrepreneur.                   .

He would have graduated from UB next January with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language.  The younger Belisle also loved poetry and singing, and spent many of his hours trying his hand  at landscaping techniques or impressing family and friends with his voice.

A funeral service will be held on Saturday,September 22 in Belmopan for Norval, who police  was a model youth.  His killer will be charged with  murder.  Although at the two men are related, reports say they  never knew each other.

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