Two murders, 15 hours apart! Are they connected? Police want to know

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

City Police are looking to see if the murders of Emerson Arnold, 35, and Kenroy Parham, 25, who were killed 15 hours apart over last weekend, are connected in any way.

Hattieville police have several persons detained for the Parham murder and are looking for a “person of interest.”
The families of the murdered men say they were not troublemakers, although Parham, according to his family, had many enemies simply because of his name.

Arnold, who worked for the Belize Water Services, was heading to work before 7 on Friday morning when another man approached him on Gibnut Street and shot him at close range in the back of the head.

Thirty miles away at Mahogany Heights that same night, gunshots rang out and the following morning Parham’s relatives found his body in a drain lying face down. He had left his house at mile eight off the George Price Highway to visit two of his children who live with their mother.
Residents of the Mahogany Heights community say they heard a volley of gunshots on Friday night but no one got up to investigate.

Parham’s aunt discovered him around six the following morning. He had been shot three times in the head and in the back. Residents said they heard noises just prior to the volley, as if someone were running. This suggests that Parham’s killer or killers were chasing him.

Kenroy Parham had been released on bail from the Hattieville Prison exactly one week earlier. He had been arrested and remanded to jail for a fight he had, reportedly with the mother of his two children. Now, released from jail, he set off to visit these same two children.
Police have not made any arrests regarding the two murders but have detained one suspect for the Arnold murder and two others for the Parham shooting.

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