Two men remanded for crystal meth

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Customs officials say that 120 pounds of meth-amphetamine that Orange Walk police intercepted last week Wednesday night did not come through its Belize City port of entry.
Selso Marin, a senior officer in the Investigations Unit at the Customs Department, said that it is highly unlikely that the drug arrived at the Belize City port and was processed undetected because there are a series of checks that are done with goods that arrive there.

Inspector Selvin Tillett, the investigating officer at the Orange Walk police station, also informed The Reporter that police are still trying to determine where the drugs came from and where they were heading.

He said that the two men chargedwith the drug trafficking, Ruperto Eulalio Reyes and Pascual Terrero Pineda did not volunteer any information while they were in police custody.

Reyes, 49, described by police as a labourer of 5 Sittee River Street, Orange Walk Town and Pineda, 52, a Cuban who gave his address as Boca Del Rio, San Pedro Town are on remand for the drugs.

The two were nabbed last week Wednesday night in a black Toyotacar, where police say they discovered the highly addictive drug which is in high demands in north America.
They were each charged with one count of trafficking a class B drug and denied bail because the matter is an indictable one. Both men are to return to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on September 30.

Police have valued the stash at around US $2 million, but in some US states, the retail price of such an amount can go as high as US $12.5 million. Investigators told the media last week that they intercepted the two on Liberty Avenue in Orange Walk Town after they failed to comply with police orders to stop.

Police grew suspicious of the vehicle as it was swaying across the highway and when they drove up beside the pair, the driver reportedly sped up, losing control of the vehicle as he headed towards the Philip Goldson Highway. The vehicle spun out of control and came to a stop. Reyes and his partner allegedly tried to escape on foot.
The drugs, police say, were stashed inside an old ice box and a carton box.

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