Two charged for girl’s murder

Investigators in Belmopan have been successful in cracking open the murder case of an 18-year-old girl whose body was found at the Belmopan dumpsite last weekend.
Shaylon Santos, 20, a resident of Teakettle village and Jaime Patnett, 22, of a Star Apple street address will be arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrates’ Court on Friday, March 17 to answer to a charge of murder brought against them for the death of Keona Gabby Ara. Her body was discovered at the Belmopan dumpsite sometime after 3 p.m., on March 12.

Ara was reportedly taken to a house in Belmopan where she was stabbed multiple times and her throat slit. Her body was then thrown into a van and driven to the dumpsite where attempts were made to torch her corpse. There were traces of blood found in the house and the vehicle which was used.
Ara was allegedly killed because she posted on social media that she knew of a murder which occurred in Teakettle village about two weeks earlier.

After the posting on social media, Ara went to work for a week at a location where there was no cellphone service and had just returned home on Friday, when she began to receive death threats.
The teen left home on Saturday, March 11 in the afternoon en route to her cousin’s home in San Ignacio. She never made it.

Sherlene Mai, mother of the deceased said that she had heard on the news that a female body was found in Belmopan but did not believe it was her daughter because she thought Ara was in San Ignacio. Mai said that she tried calling her phone but there was no reply and thought maybe the phone battery was dead.
On Tuesday after getting no word from her daughter, Mai said she traveled to the police station where her worst fears were confirmed. She was able to identify the body due to Ara’s visible tattoos.

Ara was laid to rest in her father’s grave in Ontario village on March 16. She was a student of St.Ignatius High School and leaves behind one sister and six brothers.

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