Three charged with stealing a cop’s ATM card walk free

By Anita Nembhard
Freelance Reporter

Two sisters and a boyfriend, who claim they found a cop’s ATM card on the street and then engaged in a shopping spree are free, after spending almost $1,000 from the cop’s account.
All three were picked up by police after viewing the surveillance camera at a Chinese business.

The accused were identified as sisters, Chelsea 22, Monique Martinez, 21, and Ervin Zelaya.

The sisters were jointly charged with theft, while Zelaya, who is Monique’s boyfriend, was charged with 18 counts of theft and 18 counts of forgery after he admitted that he swiped the card 18 times in one day.

In court on Wednesday, Cpl. Bonifacio Rash decided to settle the matter out of court. As part of that agreement, he collected $700 from Zelaya. The remaining balance of $265.00 was returned to him by police, who had confiscated the amount from the culprits.

In court, the eldest sister, Chelsea said that when they found the cop’s ATM card, she tried to reach the owner of the card through social media. She managed to reach Cpl Rash and told him that they had found the card and wanted to return it.

Monique’s boyfriend saw an opportunity, took the card from off a bureau in his girl friend’s apartment and went on a shopping spree.
Both sisters said they never stole the card, and can’t understand how they were even charged with theft.
Since Cpl. Rash chose to settle out of court, Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser struck out the matter against the three and they were free to go.

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