Teen stabbed to death at horse race on Boxing Day

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

Lennox Flowers, 18, planned on viewing the horse races in Burrell Boom on Boxing Day but instead, met a violent death at the hands of three of his peers bearing knives.

The youth, who lived on Partridge Street in Belize City, had gone with someone for whom he worked and had passed the afternoon at the Castleton’s horse race track without incident.

Sometime after dusk, however, he was involved in a fist fight with a group of boys from a Belize City street gang, near a bar that had been set up at the race track. During the melee, Flowers received several stab wounds, which proved fatal within minutes.

Jennifer Thomas, Flowers’ mother, bewildered by the murder of her son, told the media that Flowers stayed away from trouble and had two jobs. She said she believes he was killed by the group after his ex-girlfriend had approached him and dowsed his face with her drink, then threatened to have him killed, before she walked off.

The ex-girlfriend, according to Thomas, is involved with gang members.
But Officer Commanding the Police Department’s Eastern Division Rural, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, pinned the motive strictly on gang warfare, suggesting Flowers was “an associate of the Ghost Town Crips” and was killed by members of the George Street gang.

It is a claim that Thomas vehemently condemns, saying her son was not into gangs and that he finds gainful employment to earn his keep.
Police have taken into custody a knife which they found at the scene but are looking for a second blade which they believe was also used to kill the youth. They have detained three persons whom they intend to charge shortly.

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