Sudden death case re-opened, foul play now suspected

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

New evidence based on the postmortem results done on the body of Karl Leslie, 78, who was found dead inside his home, has prompted police to re-open the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.
According to police, on September 14th, around 9:10 p.m. Hattieville police visited the East Windmill area of the village where cops discovered Leslie’s motionless body lying on the floor of his bedroom.

Half hour after the discovery, a local nurse from the village examined him to check for a pulse, but could not find any. He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) by family members where he was later pronounced dead on arrival and taken to the morgue.

Initially police classified the case as a “sudden death,” and in an official release stated that there were no signs of violence observed on the body.
On Monday, however, Police Press Officer, Raphiel Martinez indicated that the investigation took a sudden turn after the autopsy was conducted. “Initial findings showed no signs of foul play on the body as was previously sent, however, the postmortem has indicated that there might have been other factors that may have contributed to his death. As a result the police are now treating it as an ongoing death investigation, no one detained so far,” Martinez disclosed.

The autopsy revealed that Leslie died as a result of a swollen brain, which was caused by a broken spine. Sources tell the Reporter that Leslie’s injuries was the result of trauma, which could have been inflicted by someone else.
Police have released few other details regarding the investigations except to say that they are currently exploring several angles.
Leslie was a retired Belizean-American who lived alone. There were no reports of forced entry into his home, and while police did not state whether anything was reported missing from the house.

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