Special constable charged for beating man! Police corporal disciplined for not stopping the assault

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Edward Swift, 38, a special constable assigned to the Orange Walk Police Station, is out on bail of $1,000 on a criminal charge of wounding, after he was videotaped vigorously beating a man for several minutes on Sunday night.

The incident happened at the home of Andres Rodriguez, 37, on Gravel Lane in Orange Walk Town. That was where a team of two special constables and a police corporal followed him, after he sped away from them. The chase for Rodriguez began after a woman claimed he had harrassed her.
Rodriguez explained to reporters that he fled because he was not clear on what was happening and thought the men were thieves. He suffered injuries to the head and abdomen as Swift beat him and kicked him at his home. His children and neighbors witnessed the incident.

Rodriguez is now demanding compensation and is considering legal action against the police.
Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police formation. Superintendent Dennis Arnold, has publicly condemned Swift’s actions saying, “I will not tolerate such abuse from any police officer…”
Most of the assault occurred in the presence of Rodriguez’ wife, who recorded the incident. The video shows Swift beating Rodriguez, while the other special constable was trying to handcuff him,while the corporal looked on.

That corporal, Jose Alfaro, will be disciplined internally for neglect of duties, because he failed to intervene and stop Swift from beating Rodriguez, who was clearly not fighting back.

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