Sophisticated remote explosive device discovered in Corozal

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

A sophisticated remote explosive device which surfaced over the weekend in Corozal Town, has raised serious safety concerns, as officials have confirmed that the deadly contraption is the first of its kind to surfaced in the country.

While details of the discovery were not made available by police, reliable sources indicated that the explosive was handed over to police by a civilian on Saturday. Personnel’s from the Belize Defence Force were quickly called in to secure the explosive.

The well constructed explosive device consisted of a capacitor, a sensor and had a cellphone attached to it, however the only thing that was missing to make it a fully functional bomb was the explosive.
The device was constructed in a manner whereby it would have been automatically triggered into action by just a phone call.

Bomb expert, Brigadier General David Jones was called in to recover the deadly contraption and said he hopes that Corozal police are investigating the matter quite seriously to ensure whoever made the explosive isn’t making more.

Jones further added that it is not certain whether or not the device was made locally or if it originated from outside of the country.

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