Sizable amounts of weed seized during GSU raids

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A series of anti-drug raids conducted by the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) over last weekend has yielded well over five pounds of marijuana, and in one instance, hand-crafted weapons and stingers.

The last search inside a fenced lot near the residence of an alleged drug trafficker on the George Price Avenue yielded the largest amount of drugs – 4.6 pounds of weed. Police say that the drugs were hidden between an abandoned house and a septic tank built less than one foot apart.

The longest raid, an eight-hour operation at around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday in Santa Elena Town, Cayo, targeted specifically drug dealers and peddlers. Police searched the residence of Mark Francis Peters, 47, where three other persons were present when the search was conducted.

Police searched Peters and in his pants was a small plastic bag containing almost a pound of suspected cannabis.

Peters now faces a charge of Possession of a Controlled Drug.

Five hours later, the GSU searched an empty lot beside someone they describe as “a well-known drug peddler” and found a black plastic bag with 6.1 ounces of suspected cannabis.

The first raid occurred at Hattieville Prison which unearthed small quantities of marijuana, stingers, hand-made weapons (boras), and cellular phones, some of which were missing their SIM cards.

The GSU also searched Cadle Alley and found 87.1 grams of cannabis which they believe belonged to a member of the Victoria Street gang.

Meanwhile, a series of searches in the Conch Shell Bay, George Street and Plues Street areas led to smaller amounts of marijuana stashed in open areas.

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