Seven men charged for Faber’s Road robbery

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Seven men who police say used a gun to hold up the Faber’s Road Snack Shop at the corner of Lionel Tillett Street and Faber’s Road Extension just before 11:30 a.m. last Friday have been charged with a series of offences, including robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, abetment to commit robbery and possession of an unlicensed gun..

The accused are Kareem Smith, 25, John Longsworth, 20, Anis Bowen, 18, Jareth Crawford, 29, Seth Jones, 23, Christian Robateau and Kevin Bowen, both 21.

Police say they apprehended the men shortly after the robbery in which some $8,000 in cash and cell phones were stolen. Barrington Flowers, a policeman who was dispatched while the robbery was in progress, engaged the men in an exchange of gunfire after the culprits allegedly fired at him.

The gunman’s weapon apparently jammedand Flowers managed to apprehend one of the robbers while the other two escaped.

The Gang Suppression Unit, which arrived at the scene just after the men had committed the act, apprehended three of the suspects in a house where they found some of the stolen money and items taken from the shop. One of the robbers was detained at the entrance to the shop with more of the money he had just stolen.

The men have been ordered to return to court on October 23.

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