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San Pedro police bust duo accused of shoplifting

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

San Pedro police have busted a pair of women who shoplifted from three businesses in that town in one day and hid the loot under their clothes.

The two, Nioka Smith, 29 and Shasha Bowen, 27, both of Belize City, are jointly charged with six counts of theft after police nabbed them the following day in possession of items they had stolen from their third target on Thursday.

The two went first to the K-Mart  store where they stole a bottle of Absolut Vodka worth $100. The store manager said he decided to check his security camera after the two left acting suspiciously. The camera revealed that one of the women hid the bottle of liqour under her skirt.

Next the pair went to Laguna Drive where they stole more liquor worth $275 from a store around 2 p.m. $275.20.

The third incident occurred at Love Belize Store on Barrier Drive around 3 p.m. where the two women stole a pair of girl’s Denim shorts set and three pairs of girls slippers worth around $50.00.

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