San Pedro murder to be featured “The Real Blacklist”

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The 2012 murder of american national Gregory Faull, in San Pedro will fewture on the NBC TV show “the real black list” on thursday.

The show is hosted by NBC News’ Richard Engel, and focuses on conspiracy-themed investigations to unsolved murders with high profile suspects and circumstances..
The filming crew for NBC visited san Pedro March 14, and have since visited several places within the country. The episodes of Dateline: The Real Blacklist airs on Thursdays March at 7 p.m.

Faull’s murder was never solved, and the main person of interest to San Pedro Police, John Mcafee fled the country.

Mcafee, who was Faull’s neighbor, offered via an internet blog a $25,000 dollar reward for the capture of Faull’s killer.

He told the international media that he is willing to testify in the proceedings once Faull’s killer is found; however he will not return to Belize.
Faull, who was found dead in his home on November 11 with a single gunshot wound to the head, had continually complained about mcafee’s dogs had threatened to kill them if authorities did not do something about their noise.

He was found dead only days after four of Mcafee’s dogs were allegedly poisoned.

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