San Pedro cops walk from charges

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

One victim, who was injured at the hands of two police officers in the April 2017 shooting melee in downtown San Pedro, is upset over the abrupt end of the case which allowed both unruly police officers to walk free of charges on Tuesday in the San Pedro Magistrate Court.

Police officers Darnell Madrill and Norman Coye, who were charged with ‘wounding’ following the incident, which unfolded in Central Park on the island resulting in injuries to five persons, walked free on Tuesday after the magistrate decided to throw out the case following a no show by the prosecution.

Alfredo Cowo, one of the victims from the incident, told the Reporter that he is not satisfied with the magistrate’s decision and would like to see justice served on behalf of himself and his brother, who were both injured in the shooting. He says he and his brother were present for all the court proceedings, which began in May 2017.

While Cowo says that he heard the magistrate’s explanation for why the charges were dropped against the officers, a call to the Magistrate’s Court in Belize City revealed that the case was dismissed for wanting prosecution, meaning that the case files were unprepared or incomplete.
In the interim, Cowo says that he is trying his best to have the case revisited and has since lodged a complaint at the prosecution branch, who notified him that they will be sending a letter to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution to see if the officers can be re-arrested and charged.

The victim confided that he does not feel safe as his life has been under constant harassment and threats by associates of the officers in question.

Last year the incident caused an uproar after the officers were caught on video firing live rounds into the crowd who had gathered to witness the brutal beat-down of a female at the hands of the police officers.

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