Roaring CreeK Youth shot and dumped!

The body of Emerson Daly, 24, missing since Sunday night, was found on January 21, at 8:35am, in the Belize River about a mile and a half away from his home in Roaring Creek. He had an open wound to the face, believed to have been inflicted with a knife.

A search & rescue team, including family members and local police personnel, discovered the badly decomposed body floating face-down, with only shorts on. Teams had been searching for him in the area continuously since he was reported missing Tuesday morning. Daly left the family home in Roaring Creek at around 8:00pm Sunday night in his uncle’s vehicle, a blue Nissan Pathfinder.
According to Daly’s mother, Desiree Matute, he borrowed his uncle’s vehicle and said he would return in fifteen minutes. He never did. She says residents of the village say they saw him in an establishment nearby with a friend, but that’s the last anyone saw of him.

Concerned family members reported Daly missing on Tuesday morning. Later that day vehicle was found abandoned on the Mount Pleasant Road, a dirt road connecting Belmopan to the George Price Highway.

The worst fears of family were reakized when Police found blood on the backseat of the vehicle, along with a bloodstained undershirt and Daly’s slippers. The search ended after five men searching the Belize River in a dory, came across Daly’s decomposed body.

Because of the condition of the body, it was secured on site by Belmopan Police until a post-mortem examination could be conducted later that evening. Although Police believed the wound on Daly’s face to be knife-inflicted, the examination proved that the young man had been shot once to the face.

Currently Police have no suspects or persons of interest in the gruesome murder of the young man who was extremely well-liked in the community. Daly owned his own decorating company, Daly’s Dream Creations, and his family can’t understand why anybody would take his life so callously. One theory Police are following is that the young man may have been the victim of a robbery, since some of his personal items are still missing.

Belmopan Police are asking persons with information to please contact the nearest Police Station.

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