Rasta gets 3 month suspended sentence for “ lashing” 2 school girls gets 3-month suspended sentence for it

rastaSenior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer gave a Port Loyola man   a three-month suspended prison sentence, after he pleaded guilty to disciplining two primary school girls.

In handing down the sentence, Frazer explained to Benjamin Chaplin, 49, a plumber of 2 Fabers Road, that if he gets into any  more trouble with the law during the next 12 months, he will automatically begin to serve the three-months prison sentence.

On Saturday, February 9, sometime around 10:15 a.m., Chaplin took it upon himself to “lash” two primary school girls, who threw stones at him while he was at work on a building on Cemetery Lane.

Police reported that Chaplin followed the girls to their school, jumped the school  fence and entered the classroom, where he reportedly took off his belt and began to discipline the girls.

He was unable to leave the school after  the lashing however, because some people from  the neighbourhood detained him until the police arrived and arrested him.

In court, Chaplin  pulled out his shirt and showed the magistrate his side, claiming that he almost lost his kidney, because the persons who executed the citizens’ arrest also   beat him.

After sentencing him, Magistrate Frazer reminded Chaplin that in these modern days, he cannot go around lashing people’s children.

“That is a thing of the past” she told him.

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