Rape violations spike over Independence Day holidays

The number of rape incidents were reported across the country during the recent Independence Day celebrations.

Police reported after September 21, that they had detained three men in their investigation of a reported rape in Teakettle Village.

A woman in her late teens told Police she had a few drinks at the Raindrops Inn in the village, and left to walk to a friend’s house shortly after 12:00 a.m. September 15.

She said she saw five men standing outside the inn, and as she made her way forward, one of the men followed her and pushed her to the ground. He subdued her protests by choking her and  proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her against her will.

A 35-year-old woman of Hopeville, Toledo district, told Police she was robbed and raped on September 21.

She said she went around the neighbourhood selling bread around 8:00 p.m. She reportedly was at a Mechanic Shop and eventually left with the shop’s proprietor en route to Scotia Bank.

She told police that she agreed to accompany the proprietor to the nearby Forest Home Village to visit a friend who had been involved in an accident.

Along the way, he offered her what she believed to be water to drink, but it made her dizzy and she soon lost consciousness. She awoke the next day, nearly 12 hours later, to discover that she had been violated.

She found herself at Keron Castro’s home. Keron told her that a man had brought her completely naked to the house.

She found she had also lost a 14 karat nose ring with a diamond inset, worth  $400, $300 in cash, and the bread she was selling.

A 20-year-old woman of Roaring Creek Village also complained to police on September 23 that a Hispanic man, who had offered her a ride home on his red motorcyle, had instead left her stranded on a feeder road between mile 47 and 48 on the Western highway, where he raped her at knife point.

She said she was walking home from a party along Intelco Avenue, and accepted his offer, but he then drove his motorbike to feeder road.

The victim said she had not seen her rapist’s face as he had not removed his helmet throughout the encounter.

In a fourth case, a doctor in Punta Gorda examined a 14-year-old girl and confirmed she had been raped.

She has since identified to Police one of the three men with whom she was socializing at the Valencia Petillo Park on Main Street, Punta Gorda Town, Toledo district, around one o’clock in the morning.

She said she lost consciousness without warning, and when she came to, she found she did not have on any underwear.

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