Ranguy on suicide watch! First his family and now he wants his own life

Jared Ranguy, 26, the man accused of brutally murdering his  mother, his sister and stepfather last Sunday, is on suicide watch, Earl Jones, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kolbe managed Belize Central Prison, confirmed Tuesday.

Jones explained that since Ranguy was remanded to prison last week on three counts of murder, he has been acting strangely.

The prison administrators are worried that his actions indicate that he would harm himself, and found it necessary to put him in a special cell, Jones added.

“We have taken away everything that he could use to harm himself, including his belt,” Jones explained, before adding that they have also provided Ranguy with counselling sessions.

According to Jones, only a few persons have visited him since he was remanded to prison.

Ranguy’s three family members were killed inside their home, located on Mirage Road, Ladyville Village, in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 25.

Ranguy’s stepfather, Robert Earl Vellos, 72, was shot in the back of his head. Ranguy’s mother, Karen Skeen-Vellos, 51, was stabbed to death, and his sister, Teena Beth Skeen, 31, had two apparent gunshot wounds.

Police charged Ranguy after they searched the house attic and found what they believe to be the murder weapons: a 9 mm handgun and a blood stained knife. They also found a bloody  T-shirt.

According to police investigators, Ranguy told them that he wanted to end his life and would have done so with the gun, but it jammed.

Police have confirmed that the gun recovered from the house was indeed in a jammed state.

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