Public Standards Bureau to investigate Cop assault on civilian policemen

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

The Public Standards Bureau is currently conducting an investigation to determine whether two policemen, a sergeant included, are criminally and are answerable to a complaint of assault upon a civilian.

The investigation follows a formal report last Thursday night by Ernesto Chan, 39, a taxi driver of San Ignacio who visited the police station in that municipality and told police that two of their own had attacked and beaten him.

Chan, who was obviously injured, has since received a doctor’s classification of his injuries as “wounding” to bolster his claim.
But he is not the only one who has that back-up because the sergeant whom he accuses of leading the attack also has a medical form with a doctor’s classification of his injuries as “harm”.
Deputy Commander of the San Ignacio Police Station, Inspector Reymundo Reyes, has told The Reporter that the two investigations are necessary because the two men’s accounts of the incident vary.
The sergeant’s version is that he was approaching Chan to talk to him when Chan used his vehicle door to injure him.

Chan on the other hand, is claiming that he was sitting in the vehicle when the sergeant approached him, opened the door, dragged him out, and beat him up.

Chan has publicly maintained that the incident evolved out of a romantic relationship that the officer is alleged to have had with his (Chan’s) wife, who he says works on the upper flat of the same building.

On the night in question, Chan said that he watched and saw a vehicle which the officer owns, drop off his wife near their home. He said that when he drove off, the vehicle pursued his car. The police sergeant stepped out and attacked him.

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