Pregnant girl and her Mom shot by unknown gunmen

By Ingrid Fernandez
Staff Reporter

Two women, a pregnant girl and her mother, were shot on Monday night awhengunmen unleashed a barrage of bullets, intended for another person, at their Dolphin Street house.
The shooting happened at around 8:45 that night. According to Shenelle Rowland, 18, who is six months pregnant, the assailants came from an open lot behind the house. They opened fire first at her younger brother and his friend who were sitting on the stairs, but the boys fled when they heard the shots and she was the one hit by two bullets
While her brother and his friend ran away, Rowland hastily tried to lock the door but before she could, the gunmen fired at the people in the house, who included three children and Rowland’s mother, Stephanie Smith.

When the gunmen finished shooting, they ran away and Rowland called the police who immediately responded then took the women to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

Smith received a shot to the stomach and was admitted to the surgical ward. The shot that wounded Rowland to the stomach went all the way through, exiting her back. Miraculously, however, the bullet hit no vital organs and the fetus was not harmed. Doctors told Rowland her pregnancy is not expected to face any complications as a result of the shot. She also received another shot that grazed her left leg. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

Rowland said at the moment of the shooting, she could not get a clear view of the gunmen. She said she has never seen the men before, nor are they from the area. Rowland also doesn’t believe she and her mom were the intended targets.

Since the incident, 18-year-old Devon Tariq Lopez of #4 Lakeview Street has been arrested for the crime and has been charged with two counts of ‘attempted murder’, two counts of ‘dangerous harm’ and two counts of ‘use of deadly means of harm’.
Police are still looking for other individuals.

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