Policeman charged for shooting youth

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

Police Constable, David Griffith has been arrested and charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of Rasheed Elijio, 18, who was shot and killed in Punta Gorda Town in May of 2013.

Elijio was reportedly taken into custody on a charge of unlawful carnal knowledge, but he managed to escape police custody.

A search later led police to him in the Carib Reserve area, but instead of surrendering, Elijio reportedly attempted to flee a second time.

During the attempt to capture him, police allege that Griffith shot Elijio in the left side of his body, killing him.
Elijio’s family and the PG community expressed outrage following the incident, pointing out that the youth was never armed or dangerous, that he was running away rather than attacking an officer when he was shot, and that the offense that he had been accused of was not one that required the extent of force that was used against him.

Griffith was also named in the shooting death of Belize City resident, Teddy Murillo, in 2011, and was transferred following that incident.

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