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Police warns against prowling con artist

By Marion V. Ali

Belize City police have issued a warning to residents of Belize City following an increasing number of reports that a con artist is prowling around and posing as someone with different types of professions.

The police advise especially senior citizens to be wary of anyone who visits your home claiming to be a cable collector, a linesman or a repairman. If this happens, the police advise the public to call the company that the person claims he’s employed with to crosscheck his story before letting him into your homes. If it does not make sense the police advise to call the police hotline at 911 and report the matter immediately.

The most recent incidents occurred on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Police say that an elderly man reported at the Precinct 3 police sub-station that at around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday a man in his mid-40’s visited his home claiming to be an employee of a cable company. The senior citizen said he let the man inside his house to check the cable wire while he fixed breakfast. He said that when he saw the man near his bedroom door he became skeptical but continued about what he was doing. He said that when the man left he discovered that a black purse which contained about $60 and his bank cards and social security identification card was missing his bed head.

The other incident on Wednesday occurred at the home of an 88-year-old woman on Kelly Street. She reported that sometime around 10a.m that day a man visited her house pretending to be an employee of the Belize City Council. She said the man told her that he was there to fix her veranda. Just then, however, she said she was about to go to the store but the man offered to get someone to run the errand for her, which she accepted. She said that while waiting for the errand boy to return the man then offered to clean her wedding band and earrings, which she again accepted. At this point the man left saying he was going to check on the person he sent on the errand. That was the last time the woman said she saw him and her prized jewelry, worth around $450.

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