Police under investigation for shooting youth

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

Police officers from the San Ignacio Police Formation may face criminal charges for allegedly shooting a 19-year-old Unitedville youth with a 12-gauge shotgun to his lower back.

Crime Investigation Branch is investigating the four officers who were on duty at the time in that area but as of Thursday night none of the officers had been charged for the shooting of Elston Arnold.

The incident happened after 12 a.m. on Monday. According to Arnold, he was returning from a wake in Ontario with his cousins when they were stopped by police and assaulted before he was ultimately shot.

Arnold told the media that the officers initially stopped them to conduct a search and one of his cousins had a verbal exchange with one of the officers.

This is when one of the officers set chase after Arnold’s cousin while the other officers followed behind in the police mobile.

According to Arnold’s version of the story he and his other cousins rode behind on their bicycles to see what was happening and when the got closer he saw his cousin on the ground being kicked by the officers.

Arnold said that one of the officers exited the police vehicle and put a 9-milimeter pistol to one of his other cousins head and cocked it.

At this point, another officer reportedly came out with the shotgun and opened fire.
Arnold was hit with several pellets to his lower back from the shotgun blast and fell to the ground before the officers drove off.

Despite being shot, Arnold and his cousins made their way to the home of a nearby Justice of the Peace who rushed Arnold to the hospital.

Six pellets were taken out of Arnold’s back and he is listed in stable condition at the Western Regional Hospital.

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