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Police seeks InterPol’s help to repatriate cashier wanted for theft

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Investigators are in the process of asking their international counterparts to help locate and repatriate a post office cashier who absconded to the United States the day before police had intended to arrest her for stealing over $20,000 of public monies.

Senior post office personnel at the express mail section first detected an irregularity in the system on May 19th and realised that it occurred between January second and May 19th.

The person they have fingered, and for whose repatriation the police are seeking InterPol’s assistance, is Passuon Bennett Dougal-Anthony.

The Express Mail section has several cashiers, at the end of the day’s collections, take those monies to the main cashier. James Gabriel, deputy Post Master General explained publicly that “instead of making the entire deposit of say $500, Dougal (Anthony) would deposit $300 with the main cashier and then siphon off $200.”
Gabriel said that an internal audit is taking place because post office supervisors  believe that much more money was stolen. They are now reviewing two years of records, the period for which Dougal-Anthony was assigned to the Express Mail section. She has been with the post office for about three years.
According to Gabriel,  the theft does not have anything to do with people’s mail, which has a series of checks and balances in place to discourage mail theft.

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