Police strike team seizes guns, ammunition and drugs

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

A police strike team operation carried out by the Eastern Division South Command on Monday and Tuesday has resulted in the seizure of three illegal guns, 24 rounds of ammunition and 600 grams of marijuana.

According to police, the operation was carried out over the South side of the City between 5:00 p.m. on Monday and 10:30 on Tuesday morning.

All the items were classified as found properties, since no one was found in the area where the items were found.
Police were able to recover a black Taurus nine-millimeter handgun with an extended magazine and 18 rounds of live ammunition. The serial number for the gun had been filed off.

The strike team was also able to recover a .38 millimeter revolver with six bullets. During the operation, police also recovered a pen gun, a small weapon that can be concealed easily but is classified as lethal.

Along with the weapons and ammunition, police seized a bag of marijuana containing 600 grams, just a little more than 1.3 pounds of weed. The bag was found on the Raccoon Street extension, police reported.

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