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Police seize nearly 50 pounds of weed

By Marion V. Ali

A police mobile patrol in San Ignacio Town, Cayo at around 8:25 p.m. Thursday night yielded almost 50 pounds of marijuana.

It happened when police observed a brown pick-up approaching from the direction of Benque Viejo Town at what they describe “very high speed”. A police press release issued today states that police signaled the driver to stop, but he continued at the same pace. say they pursued the vehicle which later overturned on Buena Vista Street in front of the Police Station. Police say they searched the interior of the vehicle and they discovered a red sack on the front passenger seat which contained 28 pounds of cannabis.

A further search of the vehicle led to the discovery of another 20 pounds of the drug. Police have since detained the driver, who is a resident of Antelope Street Extension, Belize City, as well as a contractor of Mahogany Heights pending charges.

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