Police seek mystery woman connected to gang murder

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

Belize city police are seeking an unknown woman who is believed to have lured Tyrone Gibson, 20, to his death last Friday.

Gibson, a resident of the St. Martin area, was standing at the corner of West Collet Canal and Hicate Street waiting for the unknown woman, when a lone gunman approached and opened fire on him.

He was shot multiple times and suffered wounds to his left ear, the top of his head, shoulder, upper arm and the right side of his hip. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but died while undergoing treatment.

According to Gibson’s family, earlier that day Gibson got three text messages from a woman who said she wanted to meet with him. Prior to being shot, he had tried to meet with the unknown woman three times but on each occassion she never showed up. The fourth and final time he went to meet with the mystery woman, he was shot dead.

Police say that while Gibson was a known gang figure, investigators are trying to track down the woman.

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