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Police say reports of abduction are unconfirmed

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Reports that four students from the Queen Square Primary School were abducted on Thursday evening are unconfirmed as of Friday morning, as no parent has reported their children missing, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, deputy OC Easter Division said.

Broaster said since the report was made by two students on Thursday, police have expended their resources to canvass the area and put extra patrols all around the City. Police were deployed to patrol isolated areas where crimes are known to be committed in an attempt to find the white van described or to find any of the allegedly missing children.

According to Broaster, the department is issuing an advisory to the public to be on the alert and report any suspicious activity. Police have sent personnel to various school in an effort to sensitize students about the dangers that exist with interacting with strangers.

Broaster also said that he believed that parents would have made reports by now if their children had not come home but said they could not treat the matter as a false report until they could confirm that the report was inaccurate or untrue. He added that they had hoped to do a head count at the primary school but unfortunately some parents opted not to send their kids to school on Friday.

The two children that made the report were unable to provide name for the students who were allegedly abducted. Broaster said, however, that he knew of several vans that are chartered to pick up children from school along the route, including Warry Street where the incident allegedly took place. Perhaps due to the high level of concern by teachers and students, the two children observed four students entering a chartered white van and were alarmed, Broaster said. In thr case of the abduction attempts of two students of La Inmaculada Primary in Orange Walk this week, a whute van was one of the vehicles said to have been involved. Broaster added that Beluze City police are following every lead.

He also cautioned young people to be prudent as he said he was aware that often times men try to court women from their vehicles. Broaster advised anyone to report such an instance if it made them uncomfortable.

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