Police say shooting was intentional; They charge cousin with murder

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Placencia police have charged Warren Jeffrey Cabral, 52, with murder! They say there is evidence to prove that he intended to kill his cousin, Vance Cabral, 45, on September 10, as they socialised with two other men on a luxury boat docked near Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek.

Officer Commanding the Placencia police , Inspector Dennis Myles, told the Reporter on Tuesday that while he cannot disclose the evidence he holds, investigators are convinced that Warren Cabral meant to kill Vance, despite Warren’s claim that the shooting was accidental.

Myles added that there are also eyewitness reports from the two other men who were onboard the vessel on the afternoon of Thursday, September 10, when Vance Cabral received the fatal gunshot wound to the left temple around 2:30 in the afternoon.

The gun, according to Myles, belonged to the accused, Warren Cabral, who dumped it in the sea moments after he shot Vance.

Two civilian divers retrieved the nine millimeter handgun, Myles added. The officer also told this newspaper that it was one of two unnamed men with whom the Cabral cousins were socialising, who was the caretaker of the boat Island Dancer, not Warren Cabral, as reported by another media house.
Vance had had some misfortunes over the past 10 years after a boating expedition in which he was tour-master ended in tragedy. The subsequent court ruling went against him.

The Supreme Court ruling stipulated that Cabral pay $90,000 in damages to the family of Abigale Brinkman, a medical student who perished at sea after Cabral’s boat developed engine problems while enroute to Silk Caye in southern Belize during bad weather in October 2005.

Four tourists were stranded in the open sea for 55 hours before rescue finally arrived. One of them later revealed that the lifejacket provided to him was so delapidated that it could not keep him afloat in the water..
The court found that Cabral had been negligent as the boat’s captain, and suspended his tour operator license for five years as a result.

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