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Police say PG labour officer was murdered

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Police have determined that 29-year-old Juana Cardinez, a labour officer and resident of Punta Gorda, was murdered.

The pathologist ruled, from the findings of a post mortem examination, that her  cause of death was hemorrhaging to due to stab wounds to the neck.

Officer commanding the Punta Gorda police formation, Superintendent Simeon Alvarez, said that police believe that the assailant was someone that Cardinez was familiar with.

Cardinez, who had been reported missing by her ex-commonlaw husband Alberto Coleman, was discovered in the bathroom of her apartment at the corner of King and Jose Maria Nunez streets, already beginning to decompose.

Police had to get help from the fire department to enter the house.

Investigators have since detained a 55-year-old man from PG in connection with the incident.

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