Police say man killed in Ladyville shooting was not intended target

Allen “Deebo” Davis, 21, a young man who moved from the crime-ridden Belize City streets several years ago to live in what was peaceful Ladyville Village, became murder victim 143 for 2012 on Thursday night when a gunman emptied a clip full of bullets into his body.

The incident happened at around 7:30 pm about 400 yards from Davis’ house, off Marage Road in the Milpa area of the village.

According to eyewitnesses, Davis was socializing in a yard at the corner of the same street when a white Toyota Corolla car, bearing no license plates, stopped to let out a young man dressed in ¾ blue jeans pants, a long sleeved blue shirt, white tennis and a stocking covering his face.

The attacker produced a gun and fired into the crowd, hitting Davis in the head, and his friend, Jaime Chavarria, 24, in the groin.

When Davis collapsed to the ground, the gunman wasted no time and walking right up to the critically wounded Davis, shot him 16 more times in the upper body and legs.

Davis died later that night while undergoing treatment at the KHMH.

Davis, who was employed at the Blue House Bar on the Philip Goldson Highway, did not report for work on Thursday because he wanted to play cards with his neighbours and friends.

Chavarria, who lives at the address where the shooting took place, told reporters that after he was shot, he ran and hid at the back of the yard behind a post.

He said he did not recognize the shooter’s face and could not say why he and his family and friend had been  targeted.

Davis’ family and the police believe that the shooter was actually after Chavarria’s younger brother, Rene Chavarria, Jr., 22, who was arrested and charged in March of this year for  attempted murder, dangerous harm, and  deadly means of harm upon construction worker, Edwin “Dubsta” Moody, who was shot on Racecourse Street on Wednesday, March 14th.

Moody was shot in the lower abdomen near Sunny Side Bakery while riding a bicycle on Racecourse Street.  While Chavarria’s case fell through the cracks, the police have described him as being “no stranger” to them.

Three other persons, who were in the crowd—including a four-year-old boy and two women, were grazed by bullets to different parts of their bodies.  Police say the shooter used three different brands of bullets, including Luger, Aguila, and S & B 9mm calibre.

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