Police say Indian medical student not missing but running

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Police say that an Indian medical student who was initially reported missing is not really missing but running and they are trying to confirm the reason behind it.

Maninder Singh, 21, who resides at #80 Los Lagos, and who attends the Belize Medical College on the Boom road, was reported missing last week. That was after he had not been seen since November 9.

This week, police informed the media that Singh was located in the Ladyville area and that it appeared that he had voluntarily gone into hiding. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo said that Ladyville police, accompanied by some of Singh’s classmates, were going to the location. To their surprise, however, Singh was nowhere to be found.

Singh, according to other reports, is apparently trying to reach the United States, after he breached an agreement with the medical college to stay in school. That breach translates into Singh being immediately sent back to India if he is found.

Talins Lima, a student service officer at the medical college told police that Singh had not attended classes since November 9 – the same day his roommates last saw him.

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