Police question authenticity of incriminating text messages in Ahmad murder case

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

The police investigation into the shooting murder of Muslim barber, Fareed Ahmad, 38, is now focusing on whether the seemingly incriminating text messages, purportedly sent from one member of the Special Assignment’s Team (SAT) to another, are in fact genuine or fake.

Since several text messages surfaced last week, which purported to include the plot to kill Ahmad, the role the “boss” played and a “hit list” including other members of the Ahmad family, as well as what could happen to the alleged hitman and Woman Police Constable, Michelle Brown if she misspoke, police have sought to verify the authenticity of the messages.

portion of the text message now under review

portion of the text message now under review

Prime Minister Dean Barrow pointed out at last Friday’s House Meeting that it is imperative to check the veracity of the messages since it is common knowledge that there are free apps available which can enable anyone to make it appear that legitimate text messages are sent from one cell phone to another, without the person who legitimately holds the number having any knowledge about it.

Head of the Professional Standards Bureau, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, who was stunned after reading the contents of the messages, has indicated that he will contact the telephone company which holds the prefix series of the number the messages were sent from to check whether there are records in the system to authenticate the messages.

Williams had also previously indicated that there is nothing to corroborate the established view and the family’s gut feeling that Ahmad’s killing was state-sanctioned. All indication is that Brown, who is a member of the SAT which Ahmad had filed a report of harassment against, acted alone and on her own behalf, police told the media last week.

Minister of State with responsibility for police, Elodio Aragon has assured that the Police Department is carrying out proper investigations, both from the crimes perspective and the administrative perspective. “At the end of the day, the Department must act upon facts; we must act upon things we want to try to discover, anything that is out there – we want to find the truth at the end of the day; and that is why we conduct an investigation at the end of the day, to see if there is cause, and if there is cause then who is criminally liable,” Aragon said.

Fareed Ahmad was shot in his cheek sometime after midnight on Thursday December 28th while driving towards his Hattieville home. His BMW SUV then crashed into another vehicle, and first responders who arrived moments after found WPC Michelle Brown sitting in the passenger seat and Ahmad in the driver’s seat. Ahmad had also suffered a head injury from the crash. He died while receiving treatment at the KHMH and the autopsy report indicated that his death was caused by a combination of the bullet wound, which ruptured his jaw and throat, as well as from the head injury.

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