Police operation on George Street results in more than a dozen arrests

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Eastern Division South formation has made more than a dozen arrests, recovered an unlicensed gun, seized more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana and are expected to charge eight of 12 arrested.
The bust follows a police operation in the George Street area early Monday morning.

Eastern Division South Commander, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams said the operation was a joint effort between the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), the Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) and the Special Patrol Unit (SPU).

The operation was a direct result of the string of shootings over the last three weeks, all of which have been linked to elements of the George Street gang.
Williams said the operation is part of the continuous effort by the Eastern Division South Formation to crack down on crime. The police have been in mediation with several gangs, he said, but George Street has not been cooperative. He added that police will continue to work with those who work with them and those who do not cooperate will be subject to operations like the one conducted on George Street.

Williams said police went in with full force but he doesn’t expect for there to be any claims of excessive police force, since he encourages all his officers to practice restraint. He said any operation he authorizes is instructed to be conducted within the confines of the law.

Williams said the operation was a success and will continue to be, through tough policing operations.
Of the eight arrested, two men will be charged in relation to two shooting incidents, Williams said.

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