Police looking for suspected killer of Marky Mendez

By Michelle Sutherland

The five-day search for a Teakettle resident who was reported missing came to an end on Monday after his decomposed body was discovered in a shallow creek near the old Warrie Head Bridge about a mile away from Teakettle village.

The body of 24-year-old Marky Mendez was found by a group of hunters who were in the area around 6:00 p.m. that day.

Due to the advanced state of decomposition, an onsite post mortem was conducted on the body, which concluded that Mendez was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head.

Mendez reportedly went missing in the company of two friends on June 21. He told his mother that he was going out to fix his slippers at a nearby shoe shop, however, he never returned home that evening and a single gunshot blast heard in the village that night, alerted family members that something was wrong.

The next morning, family and friends of Mendez began searching around the village. The group found blood trails leading to the river as well as some clothing and footwear believed to be that of the murderer.

For days, the family combed the muddy waters of the Belize River in the hopes of finding Mendez’s body. Police and Coast Guard joined the search party on Sunday after the river had subsided.

Mendez’s body was disposed of in a shallow creek about a mile away from where the blood stained evidence was found.

Investigators have not been able to determine exactly where Mendez was killed.

Family and friends claim to know who Mendez’s killer is. They family claims the killer confessed to disposing of the body at a secure location where it could never be found.

On Thursday, Belmopan police confirmed that cops are combing nearby villages looking for a suspect who has gone on the run.

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