Police: Former policeman was gunman shot and killed in robbery

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Police have released a Chinese grocer of Orange Walk but are still investigating the fatal shooting at around 3:10 p.m. last Friday of Leslie Logan, 30, a former policeman who they say was the gunman in an armed hold-up at two Otro Benque Road facing the Northern Regional Hospital.

In the incident two robbers entered Hung Yun Store and one of them who wielded a handgun ordered the proprietor and his attendant to get on the floor after which he stole over $500 from the cash register and two cellular phones. He reportedly handed the loot to his accomplice as they were turning to flee.

The accomplice escaped with the stolen money and phones and remains at large, but the store owner got his licensed 9 millimeter pistol and shot Logan as he reportedly reached in his pants waist for something. The bullet hit Logan on the right side under his armpit and he died shortly after.

Police say they have retrieved two guns from the scene, the licensed pistol belonging to the grocer and one from Logan. They have also recovered one 9 millimeter expended shell.

Leslie Logan, a resident of Santa Familia Street, Orange Walk, was the son of career police officer, Inspector Leslie Logan, Sr., (retired). Logan, Jr., was also a police constable in previous years.

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