Police finds Bullet’s car in Hattieville

Police located popular Belize City taxi operator Roy “Bullet” Craig’s Saturn car in Hattieville, Monday morning, after it was stolen from the corner of Mex and Euphrates Avenues, sometime after 8:00 p.m. on Sunday.bullet

Craig told Reporter that he had left the car parked and went to dance carnival with a group of young people  who were practicing at the end of Mex and Euphrates Avenues, a stone’s throw away from Police Precinct 1.

“When I saw the carnival group, I stopped to participate and entertain them,” Craig said, “I had parked the car about three or four cars lengths  away from where I was dancing.

“Every few minutes, I looked to see the car,” he said.

He admitted that he had left the ignition key on top of the dashboard.

The last time Craig looked back to check on his car, it was gone.

He immediately walked the few hundred feet to Precinct 1 and made a report to police.

The police later called him to inform him that they had information on his car.

“The police told me that they had found my car in Hattieville and that I should go there and speak to officer Diana Brown,” Craig explained.

But when he got to Hattieville, Officer Brown did not know anything about his stolen car.

She began investigating, and after about two hours, his gold-colored 2000 Saturn was discovered on Dollar Bank Road.

“I want to inform you that when they steal cars from down here, they take them and strip them on that road,” Craig said.

He added, “They still have my key. They disassembled the inside of  the car. The police know that Hattieville is one of the places to look, when cars are stolen in Belize City.”

Craig said his car is valued around $5,000. Whoever stole his car also made off with all his documents that were inside the glove compartment.

“I don’t know why they took my documents. Those documents, like my social security card are of no use to them.

“If the police have a suspect or any leads, they are not saying at this time, Craig said.

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