Police find weed at Tropic Air Office

By Ingrid Fernandez
Staff Reporter

The Police Special Branch and Criminal Investigation Branch, intercepted a shipment of marijuana at a Tropic Air branch in Ranchito Corozal, on Friday.
The police claims that they reacted to a tip to search a box of Lala Milk. The box was sealed with transparent tape and upon opening it, police found baby clothes and a parcel wrapped in transparent plastic. The parcel contained about a pound of marijuana, 486 grams.

The Reporter reached the Manager of Tropic Air to verify the procedures that the airline takes in similar cases. Denis Saunders commented that the airline takes no responsibility when it comes to customer’s shipment. He stated that under no condition does the airline interfere, search or open any package they receive.

He commented that the employees of the Ranchito, Corozal office had no knowledge of the illegal parcel. They only became aware when the police questioned them.
Saunders commented that the airline is not planning to implement any security changes and will continue operating under the same policies of customer responsibility, which is currently in place.

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