Police detain several persons for murder of real estate agent

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Police say that Clinton Arthur Davis, 53, who was found dead not far from his house off the George Price Highway near mile 5 1/2, was murdered and that they have detained three persons pending investigations, the most recent of whom was in custody on Monday.

Davis had lived for at least three decades on a parcel of land near the Caribbean Sea, and had been the subject of controversy with family members as well as others. He left his house on Tuesday and did not return. Sometime around 9:00 that night, police were summoned to an area near the Old Belize to investigate a report of a body being dumped on the road. Police searches yielded nothing.

The person who called the police said he had heard an argument in the area prior to seeing the body being thrown on the road. It is not clear, however, whether the killer(s) felt someone had seen them and removed the body, or if the informant had some knowledge of what was happening and tried to prevent it.

Davis’ family kept searching for him in the following days until employees from the adjacent Old Belize boat yard found his body Friday just before midday and alerted his family. He had apparently been killed elsewhere and his corpse was dumped near a swamp on the property. Police say there were signs of violence to Davis’ head and chest.

Davis’ killer(s) reportedly helped themselves to the contents of a red and black bag that he carried, which included the title papers to the same parcel of land, the grocery he had purchased for supper that night, his wallet, and his cell phone.

One of Davis’ daughters told the media she spoke with him the Tuesday evening when he went missing. She said they met near the Pound Yard bridge in Belize City and that he told her he was purchasing grocery items for supper and he was going home as he was through shopping. Later that night when she returned home, he wasn’t there and no one had seen him.

Davis had reportedly purchased the parcel of land from the government, but soon after he got the title to it, he started to receive threats. Police had detained a brother of his on Friday, based on reports that the brother had threatened him on a few occasions. Police did not have any evidence to charge the brother with murder, however, and they released him.

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