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Police detain man for raping ex-girlfriend in her sleep

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter 

Belmopan police have detained a 29 year-old man pending charges after his ex-girlfriend reported that he raped her in her sleep.

The 24 year-old Honduran wan who resides in Belmopan reported to police that sometime after 1:00 a.m. on Boxing Day (December 26th) while she was at home sleeping, she woke up to someone touching her and she noticed that her pants and underwear were removed.

The woman said that just prior to that she had heard her roommate shouting her ex-boyfriend’s name, and that she realized he was at her house as well.

Confused by the fact of what was happening, coupled with her inebriated state from drinking prior to that, the woman said she got up and ran outside for help, but a medical exam at the Western Regional Hospital determined that she had already been raped.

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