Police Cpl. faces drug charges

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Police corporal, Shawn Andrews, 30, is out on a $3,000 bail bond, facing interdiction, on a charge of drug trafficking.

Customs officers found more than three pounds of marijuana under the bonnet of a vehicle he was driving through the customs entry point at the Santa Elena border in Corozal.

Police report that Andrews entered the checkpoint at the northern entrance. When the red Geo Prism which he was driving shut down and failed to restart. Andrews got out of the car and opened the hood. Customs officers who were observing saw two packages containing what appeared to be marijuana, wrapped in transparent plastic and positioned in the car’s engine.

Customs officers seized the packages and discovered that the contents were indeed marijuana which weighed almost 3.5 pounds.

Andrews faces drug trafficking charges jointly with Brandon Casey, 25, a construction worker of Camalote Village in the Cayo District and Dwayne Zuniga, 26, an unemployed man of Corozal Town.

They appeared on Monday before Corozal Magistrate, Hurl Hamilton, who granted them bail and ordered them back to court on January 30th.

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