Police constables interdicted on allegations of abuse against cadets

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Two police constables from the Placencia Community Policing unit have been placed on disciplinary charges following a report that they abused their authority when they took a group of young boys on a camping trip last weekend.

One of the constables faces 5 disciplinary charges, while the other faces one, but because police say the alleged victims do not want the matter to go to the courts, the constables will not be criminally charged.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett told the media that the Professional Standards Branch is still collecting evidence against the constables and if they are not dismissed upon completion of their tribunal, they will be removed from the unit where they now work. He also could not say whether anymore policemen will be charged.

Myvette said because the investigations involved minors, he would not delve into the details. He did not say what was the nature of the allegations for which the two constables are being investigated, but the allegations are that the constables forced the boys to take nude pictures of themselves and demanded money whenever they needed to use the restroom or drink water.

Despite this allegation that has arisen, parents from the Seine Bight and Placencia areas have reportedly asked for the youth program to continue because they have seen marked improvement in the behaviour of their sons.

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