Police confiscate five guns over the weekend

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

In a number of separate raids and operations, Belize police seized and five guns, 40 rounds of ammunition and more than five pounds of marijuana.

In the first incident on Saturday afternoon a businessman on Freetown Road reported that a man of dark complexion man entered his yard and pointed a gun at him.

The attack victimran inside his house and called the police.
A quick police response led to the recovery of a nine-millimeter pistol with eight rounds of ammunition. Three men have been detained for this gun attack.

In another incident, on Saturday night , police responded to a robbery in progress at the UNO gas station near mile one on the Phillip Goldson Highway.

The cashier told police she was inside the convenience store when two men, one armed with a knife and the other with a gun, entered and robbed her of her phone and cash totalling $1,147. Officers later found a silver Smith &Wesson nine-millimeter pistol in the area.

On Sunday night around 7:30, officers patrolling the Faber’s Road area spotted 23-year-old Anthony Dennison on a bicycle. When Dennison saw the police, he rode away and threw a black object in a yard. The pursuing police apprehended Dennison and later retrieved the discarded item, which was a black nine-millimeter pistol with nine rounds of ammunition.

Another operation lead to the recovery of a .45 pistol with five rounds of ammunition and the seizure of 829 grams of marijuana. On Monday, Ladyville police operating near Sandhill Village recovered .38 calibre pistol, with one round of ammunition and 1,500 grams of marijuana.

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