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Police charge teacher/scout leader with sexual assault

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Police have arrested and charged Martin Palma, 34, a teacher of Forest Home Village, Toledo with one count of sexual assault following a report by a 16 year-old farmer of San Jose Village, Toledo.

The youth told police that at sometime in October he went to the community center in the village where he was to meet Palma, who was his scout leader.

The youth alleges that Palma gave him alcohol to drink after which he fell asleep. He said that five hours later he woke up to Palma touching his chest and private parts. The youth further alleges that Palma offered him $1,000 to keep quiet.

Police say that they have two more reports filed also in October by two other scout members who make similar allegations against Palma. In each of the instances, police say the boys claim that Palma offered them $1,000 to keep quiet.

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